PN Racing Mini-Z 2WD Machine Cut 6 Spoke Delrin 20mm Wheel (Narrow/ Wide, Offset 0-3, 14mm)

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New Machine Cut 6 Spoke Delrin 20mm diameter same size regular wheel rims.

14mm width



Color: White

Choose between Narrow & Wide,

Narrow (Front) : Available in Offset 0, 1, 2 & 3

Wide (Rear) : Offset 0, 1, 2, 3, 14mm


You can add on NEW Carbon Slip Rings (Optional Accessories). With this attachment you can use thicker tires without worry about traction roll.


MR2085C0 Full Set 22.0mm to 23.4mm

MR2085C1 22.0mm

MR2085C2 22.2mm

MR2085C3 22.4mm

MR2085C4 22.6mm

MR2085C5 22.8mm

MR2085C6 23.0mm

MR2085C7 23.2mm

MR2085C8 23.4mm