DS Racing Drift Tire (MI-LF1, MI-LF3, MI-LF4, MI-LF5, MI-F5)

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Best Drift Tyres In the World by DS Racing

-Material Plastic

-Low Profile OD 24.5mm, ID 20mm.

-Narrow 8.5 mm , Width 11mm

-For wheel diameter 20mm

-Weight 13g


Choose between different smoothness for different surfaces.

MI-LF5 - The most slippery on every surface

MI-LF4 - Slippery on carpet

MI-LF3 - Slow speed for hard surface / Medium speed on carpet

MI-LF1 - Medium speed for hard surface

MI-F5 - Terrazzo and Marble surface


Choose between set of 2 x N & 2 x W or 4 x N