LOCO RC Receiver for 1/28 Scale RC (ASF, KO Propo, Sanwa, Noble, Futaba Various Type)

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Receiver that works with 1/28 Scale RC (Not compatible with MR03 Evo). Choose between the following

1. ASF 2.4ghz 3 Channel RX Unit (LCRC8001)

2. Propo FHSS 4 Channel RX Unit (LCRC8003)

3. Sanwa FHSS-3 and FHSS-4 RX Unit (LCRC8005)

4. Futaba S-FHSS RX Unit (LCRC8006)

5. Sanwa FHSS-3/FHSS-4 (No Antenna) (LCRC8008)

6. Noble NB4 (LCRC8012)