Drift Art Classis Edition (DA2.5 No 7075 parts) DA-C25-CC

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DriftArt2.5 Classic Edition

Based on Reliable, Remarkable,Beautiful DriftArt2 platform,

Here to introduce to you—— DriftArt2.5 Classic Edition

New curve design language, elegant and futuristic.

3D steering system-mini DVF,

Support-plastic servo upright installation,

Support -AFRC/AGFRC servo -12° forward tilt installation,

The arm length of the steering gear is adjustable, and the ball head can be reversed.

Adjustability is excellent.

Customized high-precision golden ball head,

Outstanding DriftArt ball cups,

Quickly adjustable links of the whole chassis;

Equipped with adjustable KPI steering knuckles,

Support brake disc installation.

DA2 CC, a high performance, originality and scalability leading product.

Wish you enjoy it! No design,No A.R.T.

(Chassis doesn’t contain servo and other electrics.)