Drift Art Summer Edition (DA2.5 7075op) DA-C25-SX

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DA2 SX DriftArt2 Super Apex Edition

Micro RWD drift RC chassis,based on DriftArt2.5,equipped with many 7075 aluminum upgrades.

Notice: No electronic equipment. [Motor, Servo,Receiver,Battery,Tires] need to be purchased separately.

Highlights of the Summer Edition upgrades:

1. The front lower arm has reliable strength, friendly assembly, and stepless adjustment, adapting to the car shell of Jingshang 1:28-Tamiya 1:24 (mostly);

2. The front rod frame (shock absorber) is upgraded, and the suspension is more adjustable.

3. The high-precision golden ball heads, high roundness, high lubricity, high quality.

4. The first special ball head plastic customized for micro RWD drift chassis, with both appearance and strength.

5. The whole car golden quick-adjusting rods.

6. The end of the shock is upgraded to a ball head, which is convenient to disassemble and assemble, and the shaking is reduced.

7. Goldenfront shock stopper , high appearance, more compact.

8. Aluminum rear shock stopper.

9. 7075 aluminum belt drive shaft, with toothed belt in the gearbox, the belt gear is made of high-precision metal.

10, 7075 aluminum gearbox 2.5 version, lower and more handsome.

11. DVF-3D steering system full version, 7075 aluminum servo horn, With 10 degree, 15 degree, 20 degree angle adjustment parts, the servo horn height adjustment part, the length of the servo horn is adjustable. (Servo is not included).

12. KPI adjustable steering knuckles, and the front and rear knuckles support the installation of disc brakes.

There are 7 sets of springs with different hardness in the whole car, and the setting is no worry.

Front and rear equipment racks, with shell column kits, and magnets are not included.

Support for 1/28 body tongue, and a DriftArt universal car tongue is included.

The wheelbase is step-less adjustable from 90 to 138, and the AE86 body and even a bus shell is fully supported.

Abundant accessories, sufficient spare parts, solid reputation, no design

—— No design, no Art!