KYOSHO Mini Z MR-03EVO 20th Anni (N-MM2/5600KV) Chassis Set 32796

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MINI-Z 20th Anniversary MINI-Z MR-03 chassis
Tuned with specially designed optional parts

20 years ago the MINI-Z Racer series started a revolution in small size R/C cars. For many users today, the MINI-Z is recognized as the benchmark for small scale R/C cars that can be driven indoors. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the MINI-Z, the impressive MR-03 EVO Chassis Set (N-MM2/5600KV) has been enhanced with unique specifications worthy of this milestone. Based on the MR-03EVO (N-MM2) chassis, this special commemorative model features newly designed R246 brand parts that not only deliver superior performance, but also come at a great value price, especially when compared to purchasing the special components separately. Easy control is realized from the moderate power of the KV5600 motor featuring a blue anodized motor case, which is color matched to other aluminum parts throughout the 20th anniversary specification chassis. Each newly designed part delivers both improved running performance and durability in the machine. Compatible with various brand transmitters, the EVO is ‘the one’ that meets all needs from leisure driving to high-level racing competition. To understand the pleasure of owning a MINI-Z Racer, this special anniversary model will be enjoyed and appreciated for a long time.

*Semi-assembled chassis with R/C unit installed. Receiver unit, wheels & tires, and body are required for operation.
*Can be used with various transmitters compatible with MINI-Z EVO. Transmitter and receiver unit are sold separately.
*Compatible with existing optional parts for the MR-03 chassis so you can tune-up your machine for even greater performance.
*20th anniversary specifications feature newly designed parts, adding extra value to this special model.

Wheelbase is set at 94mm. Receiver unit is sold separately and units compatible with various transmitter brands can be mounted on the EVO. Sold as a chassis set with no body, tires or wheels. Requires 4 x AAA batteries for chassis (NiMH recommended).
Front suspension is equipped with aluminum upper arm mount (anodized in the same blue color as the motor) for increased mounting rigidity and improved handling feel from the front tires. Front tread can also be adjusted.
Features oil-filled aluminum shock to control pitching (longitudinal movement) of the rear suspension. While the basic structure is conventional, the precision redesign delivers greatly improved performance characteristics and reliability. Shock cap color is blue.
Newly developed light-weight blue-anodized MM2 aluminum motor mount is assembled on a 94mm wheelbase. Two types of bearing holders (one already installed) allow vehicle height to be adjusted.
Newly designed R246 friction damper works in concert with the new motor mount. Aluminum parts in combination with carbon plate ensure both rigidity and reduced weight. Disc-shaped friction damper controls rear roll.
Equipped with KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE XSPEED56 brushless motor with KV (revolutions) 5600. The moderate power of the motor is easy to control and comes with 4 pinion gear types, from 6T-9T.
Ball diff unit Ⅱ is equipped as standard and generates appropriate slip when excessive load is applied for improve cornering stability. In addition to being lightweight, aluminum parts have been anodized in blue for a stylish color scheme.
The integrated speed controller and receiver unit is sold separately to allow your transmitter to be used with the MINI-Z Racer EVO. A gyro unit can also be installed for smoother steering control.
Proven T-bar type rear suspension promises rear traction stability. Changing the mounting position of the rear suspension plate, or replacing it with the optional FRP rear suspension plate, allows wheelbase to be adjusted.

■Length  119.5mm
■Width   65-76mm
■Height  38mm
■Wheelbase   94.0mm (L)
■Tread F:61.5~65.0mm/R:61.5~65.0mm
■Tires (F/R) φ25×8.5mm (sold separately)/φ25×8.5〜11mm (sold separately)
■Gear Ratio  7.3、6.3、5.5、4.9:1
■Weight 140g (Body / tires / wheels not included, battery included.)