KYOSHO Mini Z MR-03EVO 20th Anni (W-MML/8500KV) Chassis Set 32795

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32795 MINI-Z MR-03EVO 20th Anni (W-MML/8500KV) Chassis Set

MINI-Z 20th Anniversary model
Special version equipped with special colored optional parts


20 years ago the MINI-Z Racer series started a revolution in small size R/C cars. Since the first MR-01 on-road chassis, the MINI-Z has been adapted to other car genres such as drifting machines, off-road buggies, and cross-country models. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the MINI-Z, a special specification MR-03 EVO Chassis Set (W-MML/8500KV) packed with optional parts will be released. The 98mm wheelbase chassis is mounted with a powerful KV8500 brushless motor and features aluminum parts specially anodized in red to match the motor. Suspension rigidity is enhanced with aluminum front upper arm mount while the friction damper delivers improved rear tire grip, supported by a redesigned oil shock. In addition to the distinctive color scheme, the superior performance of the anniversary specifications come at a great value price, especially when compared to purchasing the special components separately.


  • Semi-assembled chassis with R/C unit installed. Mount a receiver unit and tires etc., and you can be up and running in a short time.
  • Can be used with various transmitters compatible with MINI-Z EVO. Transmitter and receiver unit are sold separately.
  • Compatible with existing optional parts for the MR-03 chassis. You can also tune up your machine for even more performance.
  • Special 20th anniversary color scheme makes this model a great collectors item.

Sold as a chassis set, this model does not include body, wheels, or tires. The well-balanced MR-03 chassis can be further tuned-up with a wide range of optional parts. EVO receiver units compatible with various transmitters are sold separately. Four AAA batteries are required for operation.

The proven variable camber front suspension is equipped with red anodized aluminum upper arm mounts to support reliable suspension function. Includes front width change parts to match the width of the body to be attached.

Features oil-filled aluminum shock to control pitching (longitudinal movement) of the rear suspension. While the basic structure is conventional, the precision redesign delivers greatly improved performance characteristics and reliability. Shock cap color is red.

Equipped with R246 brand MML roll damper as standard with three coil spring hardness types included so friction disc tension can be adjusted for precise performance settings. Also anodized in red as part of the special specifications.

Red color marks the unique specifications of the pre-assembled MML aluminum motor mount on a 98mm wheelbase. The motor is securely mounted and has excellent heat dissipation. Two types of bearing holders (one already installed) allow vehicle height to be adjusted.

Equipped with KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE XSPEED85 brushless motor with KV (revolutions per 1V of battery voltage) 8500. This user-friendly high-speed type motor produces more than enough power and comes with 4 pinion gear types, from 6T-9T.

Ball diff unit ? is equipped to realize smooth cornering. Although designed for LM compatible with MML motor mount, the aluminum parts have been anodized in red to match the motor and complete the stylish color scheme unique to this model. 

Pre-set receiver unit is sold separately. Receiver units compatible with various transmitter brands can be mounted on the EVO. With excellent communication with the transmitter, you can experience the smooth and linear control of high-level operation. A gyro unit can also be installed to enhance running stability.
         Kit Contents
  • MR-03W-MML Factory assembled chassis with KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE (XSPEED 85) KV8500 brushless motor
  • Parts set for changing front tread
  • 6T, 7T, 8T, 9T Pinion gears
  • 3 types of friction damper springs
  • Wheel wrench
  • Tools for pinion gears
  • Spare wheel nuts
Required For Operation
  • Receiver unit
  • Transmitter compatible with receiver unit
  • Auto Scale Collection (body set, wheels, tires)
  • AAA x 4 alkaline batteries or Ni-MH batteries for chassis
  • Batteries for transmitter
Chassis Technical Data
  • Length                    123.5mm
  • Width                      70-80mm
  • Height                     35mm
  • Wheelbase             98.0mm (LL)
  • Tread                      F:61.5-69.0mm/R:61.5-69.0mm
  • Motor Mount           MML
  • Tires                       (F/R) 25×8.5mm (sold separately)/25×8.5-11mm (sold separately)
  • Gear Ratio              7.3, 6.3, 5.5, 4.9:1
  • Weight                    141g (Body / tires / wheels not included, battery included.)
  • Motor                      KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE (XSPEED 85) KV8500