KYOSHO Syncro EX-6R Radio Transmitter 82031

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82031B Syncro EX-6R
High-end multifunction transmitter with vastly improved throttle and steering feel carries the “R” name as the fastest in MINI-Z history.
Kyosho’s high-end Syncro EX-6 transmitter utilizing the innovative MHS (Mini-Z Hybrid Spread) 2.4GHz system that combines both Frequency Hopping (FH-SS) and Direct Sequence (DS-SS) spread spectrum has evolved with the fastest multifunctional transmitter in MINI-Z history into the new “R” version. While the improved interference resistance and stability of the MHS 2.4GHz system represents a significant evolution from the ASF 2.4GHz and FHS 2.4GHz systems, the greatest benefits are due to the high-speed processing and communication that creates greater linear control, enabling the machine to be maneuvered exactly as intended along optimal racing lines. In addition, the EX-6R features a newly designed throttle with revised length, shape, operating angle and sensor for greater direct feel as well as a new softer steering spring for greater sensitivity to enhance driving performance. Incorporating the fastest control system in MINI-Z history, the MHS 2.4GHz system transmitter is a must-have item for racers looking for significant improvements in lap times.
  • High-end multifunction transmitter incorporates MHS 2.4GHz system for the fastest processing speed in MINI-Z history and vastly improved operability.
  • Backward compatibility allows switching between MHS and ASF 2.4GHz systems.
  • Features the broad functionality expected of a high-end transmitter.
  • Features 2.7inch LCD. The screen display can be switched between English and Japanese.
  • Throttle and steering spring tension can be adjusted.

Drop down wheel extension unit is included as standard. Built-in soft-type spring delivers improved steering control and feel.

Various functions can be assigned to the newly equipped ET4 and ET5 on upper section of the grip.

Newly designed throttle trigger features revised length, shape, operating angle and sensor. Increased direct feel creates a greater sense of linear control.

Features large high-visibility LCD screen. While the EX-6 featured English and Japanese style displays, the EX-6R allows users to switch between English and Japanese.
<Set Contents>
  • Syncro EX-6R transmitter
  • Instruction manual (CD-ROM)
<Required for Operation>
  • 4 x AAA size alkaline batteries for transmitter
Technical Data
Length                                         163mm
Width                                           107mm
Height                                          230mm
Weight                                         533g(not including batteries)
Power Consumption                    Less than 150mA
Channels                                     4
Frequency                                   2.4GHz (MHS / ASF)
Model Memory                             40