MPOWER Alu-alloy Rear Lower Arm WIDE for DWS (Choose Red/ Cyan or Gun Metal) MAU106W

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Chassis: AWD family (MA-010, MA-015, MA-020, MA-030...etc.) and MA-03F

An extra pair of special-sized shaft pins for user-customize to solve the problem of different inner diameters of different brands of Rear Hub. (Such as original plastic Rear Hub and R246 aluminum alloy Rear Hub.)

More stronger lower arm, make the actions clearly. Reduce the problem of deformation.


Package Contents

Arm --- 1 pair
Shaft pin (thin) --- 2 pcs
Shaft pin (thick, for user-customize) --- 2 pcs
Lock set screw --- 2 pcs
Screw (M2×8mm) --- 2 pcs