PN Racing Mini-Z 2WD 7075 Alloy S3 126 Pitch Pinion (18T-28T)

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PN Racing Mini-z 2WD Machine Cut Delrin 126 Pitch Pinion

•126 Pitch Ultra Fine Pitch Gear
•High Pitch Gears Results in a Very Smooth Running Mesh
•Maximum Power Transfer – Small Tooth to Tooth Sliding Friction 
•Precision Machined Gear
•Wide Range of Available Gears – 19 to 28T Pinion in 1T Increment and 106,109&112T Spur Gear
•Close Ratio Gearing
•Very Small Steps Between Ratios – No Compromise Due to Missing In Between Ratios when Using Coarse Gears.
•Recommended for Advance Racers 
•Note: Extra Care Required in Setting Gear Mesh Due to Fine Pitch

1. 7075 Alloy
2. S3 Design stay on table
3. Light Weight
4. Hard Coating

Including 0.9mm wrench.