PN Racing Mini-Z MR03 Double A Arm Replacement Part (Multiple Type/ Color)

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 Multiple Replacement & Hop up parts for PN Racing MR03 A Arm

Choose between below Options:


+0.5 Deg Tie Rod (MR3050H) - Work with Both MR3050 & MR3070


Upper Arm Set (MR30580U) - Work with both MR03 & MR02 A Arm


Wide Front Conversion (MR3060) - This conversion kit for MR3050 Double A-Arm to +1mm wide each side.

Wide Upper Bracket

Wide Lower Bracket
Tie Rod 0
Tie Rod +1
Tie Rod +2
Tie Rod -1
Tie Rod -2


Upper Bracket (MR3050E) - Work with Both MR3050 & MR3070


Knuckle (MR3050D) - Work with Both MR3050 & MR3070


Lower Bracket (MR3050F) - Work with Both MR3050 & MR3070


1 Degree Camber Lower Arm (MR3050K) - Work with MR3050

  • This lower arm replaces the stock lower arm on PN MR03 Double A-Arm system and give the car -1 degree static camber.
  • The 1 degree lower arm will introduce more on-power steering for more stable corner exit.