PN Racing Mini-Z MR03/PNR2.5W Double A-Arm Conversion Kit (V3 to V4) Black

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PN Racing V4 Double A-Arm Conversion Kit
Converting MR3070 V3 Double A-Arm To Newest V4 version

Instruction Manual Download

Eliminating original E-clip design, makes dis-assembly and maintenance quick and easy.  
3mm Axle Shaft
Adjustable axle ride height
Included shims allows 0.2mm offset adjustment

2 x Upper Arm
2 x Lower Arm
4 x Delrin Balls for Upper Arm and Lower Arm (#MR3080D)
2 x Knuckle
2 x Knuckle Shaft 3mm (#MR3080A3)
2 x Knuckle Tie Rod Pin
2 x M3-0.2mm Shims (#700502)
2 x M2x3 Countersunk Hex Screw (#709903)
4 x M2x6 Countersunk Hex Screw (#709906)

MR3070 V3 Double A-Arm Kit
4 x Ball Bearing 3x6x2mm #600126