PN Racing PNR2.5W Chassis Alloy RM MM T Bar Mount (Various Color & Material)

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PN Racing PNR2.5W Chassis Alloy RM MM T Bar Mount

Note: Only compatible for PNR2.5W Chassis, not compatible with MR03 Kyosho Chassis

Machined threads allow for higher clamping force on T-Plate to prevent shifting during high g-force cornering. Application of high torque to stock self tapping screws to prevent shifting of T-Plate often lead to stripped screw holes.

Double length aluminum T-Plate Mount with 4 interlocking tabs to insure precise alignment with chassis. Alignment of T-Plate mount is achieved thru interlock of holder to chassis alignment tabs instead of self tapping screw torque.

Countersunk crews are inserted one adjustment position after of T-Plate screw hole. Therefore, chassis with stripped holes for T-Plate can be salvaged with this T-Plate Mount that use a different hole location

he holder with the machine screws first to verify that that the machine screw threads protrudes past the holder. A minimum of 1 thread protrusion is recommended.