PN Racing V2 RC Printed Circuit Board Assembly Compatible Spektrum DSM2 (MR03 Setting)

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PN Racing V2 RC Printed Circuit Board Assembly
Compatible with Spektrum® DSM2 ® transmitters (Trademark by Horizon Hobby, Inc.)

Important Information
V2 version fixed some minor issues, and the soldering tap of power +/- is longer.

PN Racing MOSFET 2x2 Pre-Installed, capable of running up to 31T brushed motor. Recommend for use with 4 x AAA NiMH battery
Not for use with LiPo or LiFe battery
3 Pin plug for optional 3rd channel, Gyro function not available
Regarding power switch removal, power + (red) short to the power switch terminals

Servo Wire Connections

PN Racing ICS Software and additional feature
MR02 & MR03 Preset Settings for "Racing" & "Training" Modes
Individually adjustable Forward, Reverse & Brake power adjustment
Inertia & Drag Brake adjustment

PC Version Download Link

Android Version - Go Google Store search PN-ICS

PN ICS Android ver 2.0

Cover art

The new version 2.0 support USB ICS Adapter like KO PROPO High Speed ICS Cable 61028

ICS Adapter Compatible
PN Racing Bluetooth ICS Adapter #500801
KO Propo ICS-USB Adapter HS (High Speed) #61028
Kyosho I.C.S USB Adapter Set #82080