RTRC RTA Chassis Kit w Electronics RT044F

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RTRC RTA Chassis Kit w Electronics
We understand there are Racers who wish to purchase the RTA kit but is unsure on how to complete the set up. Hence we have created this version which includes most item that you need to run.
Package Includes
1. RTRC Chassis Kit RT044
2. PN Racing Ball Differential MR2049
3. GL Racing Semi-Alloy Case Hi Speed Servo (Metal Gear)
4. GL Racing  Brushless sensored ESC
5. PN Racing PNWC Official Pinion/ Spur Set
6. 2 x GL Racing 360mah Lipo Battery Set
7. PN Racing Double Spring Suspension MR2161
Other remaining parts required to Run (Not included. but can be ordered from our site, contact us at smalldriftmachines@gmail.com for recommendations)
1. Lock Nuts
2. Rims & Tires
3. Sensored Motor
4. Bodyshell
5. Transmitter
6. Receiver