PN Racing Mini-Z Carbon Fiber Rear Wing Kit + Support Post 600630C

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PN Racing Mini-Z Carbon Fiber Rear Wing Kit

Our newest addition for Mini-Z lovers! Made by durable real carbon fiber, add tons of detail and realism to your ASC or race bodies. 

1. Measure the distance between the original spoiler mounting hole on the body
There are measurement marking on the main flap (1mm increment) 
The closet mounting points are 20mm apart while the furthest mounting point are 40mm apart. 
Make the marks accordingly and drill the holes using 2mm drill bit. 
2. Connect the main flap with secondary flap by inserting included center support ribs to the pre-cut slot (3 pieces)
3. Line up the slot on the spoiler end plate with the tabs on flaps then insert and connect them together
4. Place and glue (CA glue) the side support ribs (2 pieces) on bottom side of the flaps (making sure the support ribs are contacting the end plate)
5. Apply small amount of CA glue on the edge of the 3 center support ribs and allow it to dry.

2MM Drill Bit & CA Glue are Required for installation

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